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Wiper Replacement Cycle
Jul 28, 2017

Under normal circumstances, every 12 months to check the wiper, the maintenance cycle between the different models may be slightly different.

The above is the normal use of rain wiper replacement period, when the following symptoms of the wiper, may be replaced in advance:

1. With the eye can distinguish the breakage: rupture, crack, aging, rust, deformation, attachment, discoloration, etc., suggest timely replacement of wiper blades.

2. With the ear can distinguish the breakage: the rubber strip has fallen off from the skeleton, every time scratches will beat the front windshield, the issue jumps, the jitter and so on abnormal sound, suggested promptly replaces the wiper blade.

3. Look at the scraping effect to distinguish: When you are using the wiper, if every time after scraping, on either side or in the middle of the glass will leave scratches, suggest the replacement of wiper blades.

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