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In 2020, The Production And Sales Of Hangzhou New Energy Vehicles Will Reach 100,000 Vehicles
Jun 25, 2018

  In 2020, the production and sales of Hangzhou New Energy Vehicles will reach 100,000 vehicles

Recently, the Hangzhou Economic and Information Commission released an announcement on the opinions of the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Innovation and Development of the Automotive Industry” (Draft for Comment). The implementation opinion points out that by 2020, the production and sales volume of Hangzhou new energy vehicles will reach 100,000 vehicles, and the new energy automobile industry will achieve a main business income of 30 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the automobile industry, and the intelligent network-linked automobile industry will take shape. The proportion of new cars of intelligent networked vehicles has reached 30%.

  Efforts will be made to build an industrial chain ecosystem, and to accelerate the release of vehicle production capacity in areas such as automobiles and new energy vehicles, intelligent network-linked vehicles, and key components and components, vigorously develop new energy vehicles, and accelerate the deployment of intelligent network-linked vehicles. At the same time, key industrial projects such as automobile complete vehicles, new energy vehicles, intelligent network-linked vehicles, and core components and parts may be stipulated in the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Guarantee of Land Use for Major Industrial Projects" (Hang Zheng Office Letter [2018] No. 34). To co-ordinate the protection of the demand for new construction land, all districts (cities) and management committees will give priority to land supply.

  In addition, we will increase support for the new energy automotive industry. Encourage enterprises to carry out research and development of key common technologies of intelligent network-linked vehicles. The key common technology R&D projects of the intelligent network-linked automobile projects approved by the city's major scientific and technological innovation projects shall be funded by a single project that does not exceed 15% of the project's R&D investment. The maximum funding shall not exceed 3 million yuan.

  For the newly-built new energy vehicles and intelligent network-linked automobile industry projects, the annual fixed bank loan interest will be given interest subsidies at the interest rate of the actual loan interest rate. The maximum interest rate for discount interest will not exceed 20% of the benchmark interest rate of the People's Bank of China and the single item will be the highest. The long coupon period is one year, and the total discount interest does not exceed 10 million yuan.

Continue to increase the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in the public sector, accelerate the electrification of buses in the main city, and newly added and updated buses will preferentially use local automotive products under the same conditions, and attach importance to the introduction of new energy vehicles and intelligent network-linked automobile industry. Leading talent and team.

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