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Elasticity Of Automobile Boneless Wiper
Jul 28, 2017

Car BONELESS wiper Four kinds of accessories have wiper rubber strip, Boneless wiper steel, wiper cover and plastic parts of these devices together. Of these components, its stent is made of stainless steel, steel is carbon steel and his length is between 10 and 28 inches, the thickness of the bracket is 0.80 ~ 0.90 mm, the width is normally 7.00 ~ 14.00 mm.

Car without bone wiper inside the steel sheet is mainly using a full root of the guiding force of the steel strip to disperse concentrated pressure, so that the various parts of the wiper piece under pressure is more evenly, this can achieve the effect of reducing water marks and scratches. The outer layer of the steel sheet is covered with electroplated layers, which makes it more tolerant of rusting.

In addition to the above, the elasticity of the automobile boneless wiper is better than that of the general bone brush, which can reduce the wear of the jitter, and it has a relatively uniform ability to prevent the sun, the structure is relatively simple.

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