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China Industry Fair -2018 New Energy Auto Show (2018 Shanghai New Energy Auto Show)
Jun 25, 2018

    China Industry Fair -2018 New Energy Auto Show (2018 Shanghai New Energy Auto Show)

Time: September 19-23, 2018 Address: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

The "Shanghai New Energy Automobile Industry Promotion and Exchange Conference" co-sponsored by China Automotive Engineering Society, Shanghai Foreign Investment Association and Donghaolansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. was held in East Haolan (Group) on June 7, 2018. Co., Ltd. meeting hall was successfully held.

The “Shanghai New Energy Automobile Industry Promotion and Exchange Conference” aims to create a mutual learning opportunity for its peers. At the same time, the participants can fully understand the status quo and trends of the new energy automobile industry development and jointly promote the new energy automobile industry through this conference. Accelerated development.

After many years of continuous exploration and development, the China International Industrial Exposition - New Energy and Intelligent Netlink Auto Show has received strong support from relevant national ministries and commissions and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. Secretary-General Liu encouraged all participating companies to actively participate in and jointly create a high A horizontal, high-level national event.

At the same time, according to the development characteristics of new energy vehicle technology, market size and objective requirements for future development, Shanghai will implement phased support policies for plug-in hybrid power, pure electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles, which will drive all-round development of charging facilities. (Currently, the market is to encourage pure electric vehicles, and the technology trend is led by fuel cells). From 2018 to 2020, Shanghai's new energy promotion policy will promote the promotion of new energy vehicles as the main focus, and promote the integration of new energy vehicles into a comprehensive transportation orientation. This will ensure that the policies for new energy vehicles are in tune with the existing traffic policy orientation.

The China Industry Fair held in Shanghai on September 19th this year - New Energy and Intelligent Auto Alliance Auto Show was just at the right time. Through its unique and clear value positioning, pragmatic and effective government and market resource integration forces, the new energy vehicles Industrial upgrading and future development have played a positive role in promoting innovation to drive economic development.

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