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Wiper MOUNTING Procedure

- Jul 28, 2017 -

A. Pull the wiper arm up and remove the old wiper blades;

B. Use a foam or cardboard pad on the glass to gently put the rocker arm down; (Remember: Prevent the wiper arm from crushing or scratching the glass!) )

C. According to the type of rocker arm on the car, select the fitting from the part package, when installing, you must hear the sound of "clicking" to ensure that it is installed on your wiper blade;

D. The installation of wiper blades shall refer to the installation instructions provided on the back of the package and ensure that they are firmly mounted on the wiper arm;

E. Under conditions permitting, the glass face will be cleaned before the wiper is loaded, removing the wax, oil, dust and other foreign bodies;

F. For the rubber blade coated Silver Powder series, in the official brush Yuqian first Dry brush $number cycle, and then spray water scraping;

G. If the wiper wiper is not clean, please use a clean rag to clean the wiper blade rubber edge.

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