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Wiper manual part one
May 12, 2018

Wiper manual part one

(1) the key to the good effect of wipers is that the rubber rain strip can maintain sufficient moisture. Only with sufficient moisture can it have a very good toughness to keep it close to the window glass.

Very simple reason, a rice stem in a bowl, if do not make it soft, do not say wash a bowl, it is to use hardware to scrape, can not scrape down. The use of wipers, too. Many car friends often complain that the windshield wiper is not clean, just don't want to understand this reason.

(2) so no garage friends should make a habit of wiping the front window with a wet cloth every morning before leaving the car.

Night, wiper is dry, want to in the car, the night in the front window of the ash deposition with wiper scraper, dry grinding, it is difficult to achieve good results, not only is easy to damage the wiper. The correct method is: wet cloth after finishing, let small six water spray to scrape once again. Because the authentic glass water is volatile, it can quickly dry the window, so that the wet glass can not absorb the mud.

(3) a car friend with a garage should get into the habit of cleaning the front window when returning to the garage every night.

Especially from the rain, the water in the front window, the second in the morning after the water stain, and then the adsorption of the dust, the front window is difficult to clean by the rain alone. If the first night, take a wet wiper, clean the front window. The next morning, it was easy and clean.

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