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Replacing the Rubber Insert
Jun 26, 2018

  1.Begin by locating the pads at end of the blade; the pads should have small tabs sticking out.

  • Push in the tabs and pull up on the blade to slip it off the assembly. If you find pushing the tabs in to be difficult, you can use a pair of needle-nose pliers to help you.

  • On some models, the wiper arm must be removed so that the rubber insert can be replaced correctly.

  2.Slide the rubber insert off of the wiper arm. Once the tabs are past the blade clamp (near the center of the blade), release the tabs and pull the rubber insert completely free of the arm.

  • The blade is now exposed, and, if left in the standing position, it can snap back and damage your windshield. To be safe, gently place the bare blades back against the windshield until you’re ready to put on the new rubber inserts. To be extra safe, place a rag or cloth underneath the blade while it rests against the windshield.

  3.Take out the new rubber insert. If the left and right wipers are different sizes, be sure to match the new insert to the correct blade. Slide the new rubber insert onto the blade, starting at the same end you just pulled the old one away from.

  • When the insert is in place, be sure the clamps on the blade are securely holding it in place. Verify that the far pad is secured in place by the last clamp.

  4.Gently push the blade back down to a resting position against the windshield and then repeat with the other rubber insert.

  • If the new wipers are streaky, first try cleaning the rubber insert with alcohol wipes or a cloth soaked in mineral spirits. If the wipers are still streaky, check that the blades are properly installed: verify that you’ve installed each blade on the correct side and check that the wiper is properly oriented. If all else fails, stop by your local auto-parts store for help.

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