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Problems needing attention when using wipers
Jun 25, 2018

  The wiper is rubber product, which, like the other rubber products, will age. If you want to use you need  long time and clean it, you must carry out regular maintenance on it. If the wipers are mixed with foreign objects, they will certainly not be clean. This not only speeds up the aging of the wiper blades, but also easily scratches the front windshield. 

  Problems needing attention when using wipers?

  1. Avoid dry

  Glass water is very cheap, Auto City bought only a few dollars a bottle, do not want to use. In particular, when it is sunny, do not dry it. Do not use it with glass. Otherwise it will seriously damage the rubber of the wiper.

  2. Reduce exposure

  The vehicle parked in the hot sun and the front windshield temperature was very high. The wiper strips, which were originally attached to the glass, accelerated aging due to high temperatures. Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, we can erect the wiper to reduce the contact between the wiper strip and the hot glass and extend the service life of the wiper.

  3. Do not change the wiper size arbitrarily

  Some car owners always like to buy 1-2 inch longer when they change the wiper blade. They feel that the scraped area is larger and the effect is better. In fact, this is wrong. When the wiper blade is too long, the A pillar trim or the front windshield cover may be worn during operation. This can cause resonance and abnormal sound. The special size of the car is the right choice.

Problems needing attention when using wipersProblems needing attention when using wipers

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