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Manual of Wiper Blade
Jan 06, 2019

(1) The key to the good function of the wiper is that the rubber wiper strip can maintain sufficient wetness. Only with sufficient wettability can it have very good toughness to maintain the tightness of contact with the window glass.

Very simple reason, a rice is dried in the bowl. If you don't soak it, don't say that it is washed. It is hard to scrape it. The same is true for the use of wipers. Many riders often complain that the wiper is not clean, just don't want to understand this.

(2) Therefore, the riders who do not have a garage should develop the habit of wiping the front window with a damp cloth before going out every morning.

After a night, the wiper is dry. When you are out of the car, use a wiper to scrape the ash that has accumulated on the front window overnight. This dry grinding is not only difficult to achieve good results, but also easily damages the wiper. The correct way is: after the wet cloth is wiped, let the small six spray water scrape once. Because the authentic glass-washing water is volatile, it can quickly dry the window surface, thus avoiding wet glass ash.

(3) A rider with a garage should develop the habit of cleaning the front window when returning to the garage every night.

Especially from the rain, the water droplets accumulated on the front window, the second in the morning after the water stains, and then the dust absorbed in it, the front window is difficult to wipe off by the wiper alone. If the night before, take the wet wiper and scrape the front window. The next morning, I could drive very easily and cleanly.

(4) When driving, when the rain falls, do not rush to open the wiper.

At this time, the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper is dry, which only produces the opposite effect. The mud stains on the front window are hard to scrape again. If the raindrops accumulate slowly and do not affect the line of sight, it is best to wait for more points on the front window to start scraping the wiper. In the light rain, the wiper is used. It is best to let the small six spray wash the glass water and then start to scrape. (The spray glass water is not only used when parking, but also can be used while driving.) To ensure that there is enough water on the front window to warm the wiper.

(5) The wiper is preferably used in the second gear, which is continuously scraped back and forth.

Some riders like to use the intermittent mode to scrape in the light rain, which is not very good. Driving on the road is not only to prevent rain in the sky, but also to prevent muddy water splashing from the front. In this case, the intermittent mode easily scratches the front window into a muddy pattern, which seriously affects the line of sight.

(6) The rain stopped on the road, don't rush to close the wiper.

The reason is the same as above, waiting for the front window to splash the mud idea brought by the front car, and then hurriedly open the wiper, then it becomes muddy.

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