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Let your wiper work better on rainy day
Jun 25, 2018

  We know that the wiper is used to clean the rain stains on the front windshield of the car during rainy weather to provide the driver with a clear vision. It will not obscure the view due to rain, and thus ensure the safety of driving and avoid the the occurrence of security accident.

Some ways can help your wiper work better:


  ☆There is stain on the glass oil film: touch the windshield first hand, if not feel smooth, then it shows that there is stains, you can wipe it again with warm water, and then wipe the dirt with a car wipe towel, you can also use glass water, the effect will be better. If there is oil on the glass, you may wish to use a professional oil film cleaner that can quickly remove the oil film without damaging the glass.


  ☆Cleaning the glass with clean water, then using a slightly damp cloth, applying a certain amount of toothpaste to clean the glass can be done quickly, so that there is no risk of corrosion of the car paint, it can also form a protective film in the glass, so that the glass is not easy Rain, but you can't use a toothpaste with a matte texture.

  ☆Sandpaper to sand, the water sandpaper folded, holding the wiper blade on both sides, then while the water while rubbing with water and sand up and down to clean, of course, should pay attention to the best not too much, otherwise easily lead to damage, when you really want to change Now. After you clean the dust particles in the wiper blade, you can install it back and try turning on the wiper handle. The two wipers will return.

   ☆The strip becomes rough: There are some sand grains on the wiper strip. Every time use wiper, it is like using grinding wheel to scrape the rubber strip. Over time, the strip is seriously worn. The specific operation is also simple: first remove the wiper, use water sandpaper to soak in the water, sandpaper and the blade into an angle of 36 degrees, grasp the force back and forth friction. This will quickly remove the burrs, feel smooth with your hands, and finally reinstall the wipers.

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