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How to maintain the wiper piece?
Jul 06, 2018

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Regular check: the method of checking the wiper is very simple, spray some cleaning liquid, and then open the wiper, notice whether it moves smoothly, and listen to if there is a big "scraping" sound, if some, it means that the wiper is overpressing to the glass, it is necessary to make a proper adjustment. When the wiper is over one to two, see if there is water left on the windshield, and see if there will be any scratches. If it's obvious, it means that the scraper on the wiper is aging and a new strip should be replaced.

Avoid long time insolation: avoiding long exposure to the sun can make the wiper longer life, and a little car is very important: when there is dust on the glass, it is often the only way to open the scraper and sweep away the sand. It is very wrong to do so, in fact it will greatly damage the rubber strip and the car glass of the wiper. . So before opening, you might as well spray a little cleaning liquid, of course, manual cleaning is better. The maintenance of the wiper should also pay attention to the maintenance of the car's water spray system: adding neutral, decontamination, and lubricating cleaning agents; bad cleaning fluid will corrode the spray system, the wiper and the automotive finish. Fill the water in time to avoid the no-load of the water jet motor.

Far away from oil pollution: because there are oil stains on the glass, water stains are easily condensed into water droplets after encountering water. Similarly, windscreen or wiper will not clean the rain if it accidentally touches oil stains. Although the wiper is on the windshield, it is easy to ignore the daily maintenance. If there are oil stains on the glass, it is better to wipe the scraper and glass with glass cleaning liquid when washing the car.

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