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How to use the wiper piece correctly?
Jun 08, 2018

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1.Ensure that the cleaning part of the water car wiper piece on the front of the front of the front screen is made of natural rubber material. It will be wiped under the very dry condition of the front windshield, and the rubber surface will be bruised by excessive friction, thus affecting the rubbing effect, so it is necessary to ensure the use of steam under the case of water on the front of the front glass. Che Yushua.

2.Clean the adhesive tape on the wiper and the attached attachments on the surface of the glass to clean the surface of the glass and the brush on the wiper before the work of the wiper. Because these impurities will increase the friction between the rubber strips and the glass when the wiper works, so that the rubber or the surface of the glass can be scratched or scratched. Phenomenon.

3.When the car is parking, the wiper piece will stand up when the wiper piece is stopped, and the glue bar and the glass face will not be touched. In particular, the car has to stand up the wiper piece for a long time, because the glue bar and the surface of the glass will be filled with dust and impurities when parking, and when using the wiper, these dust and impurities will be added to rub and scrape the glue bar. Or the surface of the glass, which affects the effect of the wiping; when the car stops, the great heat energy of the engine evaporates from the engine to the windshield, and if the scraper does not stand up, the wiper piece will be accelerated.

4.Daily cleaning of glass surface to clean the daily car, to clean the front of the front of the glass surface attached to oil stains or dirty things, so that the front of the glass surface clean without attachments, otherwise, attached to the front of the front of the glass surface oil stains or dirty things will cause the wiper blade in the process of scraping, sound and other phenomena.

5.Avoid chemical substances such as glass water, such as glass water erosion glue strips, speed up the adhesive strip aging, so the front windshield should not use chemical substances to scrub, even if use, we should also pay attention to the chemical material can not contact with the adhesive strip.

6.Carefully cleaning the glue bar to clean the wiper piece, use the soft cloth to clean or rinse with water, so as to avoid the effect of using the unsuitable dishcloth or the big face scraping or pulling the glue bar.

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