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How to extend the use time of the wiper?
May 12, 2018

How to extend the use time of the wiper?

Wash regularly. Temperature changes or sand, dust wiper blades can be shorten the life, often clean the windshield and the dirt on the wiper blades, especially after the rain the next, can reduce the wiper unnecessary wear and tear, can extend the life of the wiper blades.

Use water sandpaper. When there is poor wiper wiper blades, try the following method to see if you can make it to regain his youth: first the split from windshield wiper blades soaked with water wiper blades, the wiper blades with 800 waterproof abrasive paper mill 4-5 times back and forth, then wash clean with clear water after the back windshield. The principle of this method is to use the water sandpaper to make the small deformation of wiper blade caused by the change of dust and temperature.

Avoid dry scraping. The first premise of using wiper is, of course, to use in the presence of rain water, and never dry without water. Otherwise, it will cause damage to wiper rubber and wiper motor.

Use it in moderation. When it starts to rain, if the rain isn't enough to stop the drive, don't shave.

Use the original windshield wiper blade. If you often drive in the wild and love the jungle, because the silt will increase the wear and tear of the boneless wipers, it is recommended to use traditional windshield wipers.

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