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How to Install Wiper Blades
Jun 26, 2018

  1.Decide which part of the wiper you need to replace. The wiper assembly consists of two parts: the arm and a wiper blade that attaches to the metal arm. The rubber insert that rests against the glass of the windshield is for the most part is not available separately.

  • If the wiper blade isn’t resting against the glass with enough tension or has become bent, you’ll need to replace the entire blade.

  2.Buy the proper blades for your car model at an automotive-supply store. Ask a salesperson to help you select the right wipers, or, alternatively, measure each of the old wipers first and bring the measurements with you into the store.

  • Remember that the left and right wiper blades may be different lengths.

  3.Pull the entire wiper assembly arm away from the windshield and into a standing position. Move the wiper into a position perpendicular to the metal arm. Repeat with the other wiper arm.

  • Some wipers will only come two to three inches away from the windshield; if that’s the case, don’t try to force the wipers up any further.

  • On some cars it may be easier to turn on the wipers and when they start to move turn off the ignition. This will allow you to move the arm up to have better access to remove the wiper blade.

How to Install Wiper Blades

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