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How the wiper works?
May 12, 2018

How the wiper works?

The power source of the wiper comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. The quality requirements of wiper motor are quite high. It adopts dc permanent-magnet motor, and the windshield wiper motor mounted on the front windscreen is generally integrated with the worm gear mechanical part. The function of worm gear mechanism is to decelerate and increase torsion, and its output shaft drives the four-bar linkage. Through the four-bar linkage, the continuous rotary motion is changed to the left and right swinging motion.

Wiper motor USES a 3 brush structure to facilitate transmission. The intermittent time is controlled by the intermittent relay, and the charging and discharging function of the contact and relay resistance capacitance of the motor can be used to sweep the wiper in a certain period. The wiper blade is a tool to remove rain and dirt directly from the glass. The blade is pressed to the glass surface by the spring bar, and its lip must be in accordance with the glass Angle to achieve the desired performance.

In general, there is a wiper control knob on the car combination switch handle, with a low speed, high speed and intermittent 3 gears. The top of the handle is the key switch of the scrubber. Press the switch to have the washing water squirt out. The scrubber system is a common device on the car, which consists of a water storage tank, a pump, a water pipe and a water spout. The storage tank is generally 1.5 ~ 2 litres plastic tank, water pump is a kind of miniature electric centrifugal pump, through it will lose to the water tank washing water mouth, after 2 ~ 4 the extrusion of water jet washing water into tiny jet spray to file the wind glass, match the wipers have the effect of wind glass clean file.

The principle of bone rain is the pressure on the glass, which causes the pressure of the various supporting points on the blade to be uneven, through several supporting points on the skeleton. In use process, because of each point pressure is not the average bone wiper, the degree of wear and tear is not average, easy to appear the noise of wiper blade and friction between the glass, is not easy to shave impurities.

No bone wiper is used to distribute pressure by a whole guide bar, so that the force of each part of the blade is uniform, which can reduce the generation of water mark and scratch and achieve a better cleaning effect.

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