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How long do windshield wiper blades last?
May 22, 2018

How long do windshield wiper blades last?


  Windshield wiper blades don't get the respect they deserve. They remove rain, snow and sometimes even ice and dirt from the windshield of your car and they do it quickly and smoothly, at the push of a button. They endure extremes of temperature, from sub-zero winter weather to scorching desert sunshine. They may have to operate for hours at a time. And yet they're made out of thin, flexible rubber -- not exactly the sort of material that can take this kind of abuse indefinitely.

  This makes windshield wiper blades one of the hardest working -- yet least durable -- parts of your car. Over time, they'll crack, become misshapen or lose their flexibility. And don't think that just because you live in a sunny dry climate without much rain -- Southern California, for instance -- that your wiper blades will last longer. In fact, the heat and lack of moisture can damage the blades even if you never turn them on. Similarly, extremely cold weather can make the blades stiff and easily fractured.

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