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How can the car wiper arm be dismantled?
Jul 19, 2018


The normal is to reset directly after the flameout, and then get off the car can directly lift the wiper, and then go back in the opposite direction, you can take it off. There is a kind of reduction that can not be lifted, that is, the hood of the car is blocked. This situation must be energized before starting the wiper. When the wiper is scraped to the middle of the glass, the electricity will be cut off, and then get off.

1.First, it is necessary to set up the wiper first. In order to avoid damaging the windshield in the process of disassembly and disassembly, it is suggested that the owner of the windshield wiper put a piece of cloth on the windshield glass when the wiper is disassembled. Pull up the wiper and change the angle of the scraper.

2.Secondly, change the angle of wiper blade, so that it has a 90 degree angle with the wiper swing arm. Because the wiper blade and the swing arm are stuck with clip, it is easy to disassemble and assemble after a certain angle.

3.After the angle is put in place, you can start to assemble and disassemble. First, you need to lift the rubber scraper with one hand, so that the wiper arm and the fixed hook of the scraper can be exposed. When the wiper scraper is taken as a whole, the following hand is split horizontally and the other hand is pressed down by the main bracket to separate the wiper scraper from the arm, and then the wiper scraper is taken as a whole.

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