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Car wiper How to distinguish the authenticity
Jul 28, 2017

From the material analysis, the original wiper and not the original in the material has a great difference in hardness, toughness is also different. Of course, but also to see the work of the car wiper, real rain scraping products good workmanship, very little burr.

In terms of toughness, true product resilience can be excellent. Many people feel that their car wiper scraping is not clean, this is the use of too long, it has been aging, or to buy a fake product, simply said that the product deformation, and lead to the occurrence of this situation, no one does not point to the tenacity of the wiper.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone in their own car wiper bad time not to throw away, and the new to buy the wiper to compare, true or false is obvious, of course, you can also buy wiper strips to replace, cheaper.

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